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Any colour cat, as long as it’s green

National Energy Action (NEA), the UK charity that campaigns against fuel poverty recently reported that households that are not connected to the gas grid are more vulnerable to risks of cold-related ill-health, and financial hardship. Dr Jamie-Leigh Rosenburgh, NEA Senior Research and Policy Officer said: “Households which are off the gas grid are some of…

The politics of climate change activism

A review of “Climate Strike, the practical politics of the Climate Crisis” by Derek Wall Derek Wall’s new book on the practical politics of the climate crisis is very welcome, particularly given his ambition to stimulate strategic thinking. I thoroughly recommend both this book, and Derek’s general approach to political debate. Derek is a very…

Climate Change cannot afford a culture war.

THE urgency of the need to address climate change is undisputed on the left. Nevertheless, while it is clear that action must be taken, there has to be a discussion about what those actions need to be.The danger is that if the socialist left does not move the debate towards the shared goals of both…

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